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Tiny client for receiving and handling GitHub hook payloads
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Tiny client for receiving and handling GitHub hook payloads


The main component is the Listener class defined in ghooklistener/ In order to create a service that listens for events and performs certain tasks, an instance of this class needs to be created with a given name and a callback handlefunc function.

The handlefunc function will be called whenever a push event is received. The function should return a boolean indicating success (True) or failure (False) and a message.


An example handler can be found in handlers/ This handler simply prints the data it receives to stdout and reports success.


A more concrete example (and the reason for creating this project) is the cloner handler. The cloner handler checks the branch ref and if it's master (refs/heads/master), it initiates pull of the repository.

Use in production

The resources folder contains an example wsgi file when using the client behind an Apache 2 webserver. For more detailed information on how to properly set up the server for production please refer to the Flask and the wsgi documentations.

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