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About NIX

The NIX project started as an initiative within the Electrophysiology Task Force a part of the INCF Data sharing Program. The NIX data model allows to store fully annotated scientific dataset, i.e. the data together with its metadata within the same container. Our aim is to achieve standardization by providing a common/generic data structure for a multitude of data types. See the wiki for more information

The current implementations store the actual data using the HDF5 file format as a storage backend.

Documentation --- where to find which information?

Project documentation is split up into three parts:

  1. Technical information: Please visit the GitHub repository Wiki.
  2. General Introduction and tutorial: Visit the project pages on ReadTheDocs
  3. API documentation: Is part of the project pages on ReadTheDocs

Further project related information:

  • We have assembled a set of tutorials and demos using the python library.

The NIX ecosystem

In this repository you find the C++ library for reading and writing NIX files.

Language bindings

We provide bindings in various languages:

IO class for the NEO data model for spike train data.


  • Viewer for NIX data files nixView

Getting Started

Platform specific installation instructions can be found: