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Java bindings for the NIX library

This project is an extension for the NIX library and provides Java bindings for nix.

Development Status

This project is still work in progress and should not be seen as a final product.

Getting Started

Build instructions

NIX needs to be installed.

Build project and generate jars:

$ mvn -Dplatform.dependency=false clean package

To specify include and link path

$ mvn clean package -Dplatform.dependency=false -DnixIncludePath=<path> -DnixLinkPath=<path>

Sample usage

$ mvn clean package -Dplatform.dependency=false -DnixIncludePath=/usr/local/include/ -DnixLinkPath=/usr/local/lib/

If you want to use them from another project, then the install maven target can be used to install them locally. See the example project here for how to use the bindings.