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Tool for bi-directional conversion of metadata between NIX and odML files.
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odML ↔️ NIX metadata conversion tool

This tool reads in odML / NIX files and writes the metadata structure to newly created NIX / odML files. When run as a script from the command line, it prints information regarding the number of Sections and Properties that were read, written, or skipped for various reasons.

For compatibility with the NIX metadata format, which differs slightly from the odML format, the following modifications occur when converting from odML to NIX:

  • If a Section has a reference create a property called reference
  • If a Property has a reference put the reference in the Property's values
  • Values of type URL, person, and text are treated as strings
  • Values of type datetime, date, and time are converted to string representations
  • Values of type binary are discarded
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