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This repository's master is the development branch of NIXPY. It is not guaranteed to build or work properly with the NIX (HDF5) backend. At times it may not even work at all. We strongly recommend using the latest stable version, which can be found on PyPI as nixio.


The NIXPY project is an extension to NIX and provides Python bindings for NIX.

Getting Started

The simplest way to install NIXPY is from PyPI using pip. The name of the package is nixio:

pip install nixio

Bindings for C++ NIX

The setup script will automatically build the bindings for NIX if it is detected on the system, otherwise only the pure Python version will be installed.

For instructions on building NIX, see the NIX README file.

To check if installed properly

Try importing nixio:

>>> import nixio

If python successfully executes import nixio, the installation went well. Check out the API documentation for further tutorials.

NIXPY API Documentation

The API documentation can be found here.