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Matlab Bindings for Neuroshare

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Neuroshare Bindings for Matlab


This software package allows the use of Neuroshare Libraries from Matlab.


Precompiled packages can be obtained from:

Add the directory containing the Matlab script files (*.m) and the 'mexprog'
library to Matlab path. See the Matlab documentation how to do so:

In addition to that the Neuroshare vendor DLLs must be obtained and installed.
A (possible incomplete and outdated) list of available DLLs can be found at the
Neuroshare homepage:


The both examples 'Example' and 'ExampleAnalog' contained in the
'Examples' directory can be used as a demonstration of how to 
use Neuroshare from Matlab and thus provide a good starting point
to develop custom scripts.

The full documentation of the API can be found here:

API Reference

The summary of the API (take form the API documentation listed above):

 Managing DLLs
   ns_SetLibrary – assign the DLL to be used for future function calls

 Library Version Information
   ns_GetLibraryInfo – get library version information

 Managing Neural Data Files
   ns_OpenFile  – opens a neural data file
   ns_GetFileInfo – retrieves file information and entity counts
   ns_CloseFile – closes a neural data file

 General Entity Information
   ns_GetEntityInfo – retrieves general entity information and type

 Accessing Event Entities
   ns_GetEventInfo – retrieves information specific to event entities
   ns_GetEventData – retrieves event data by index

 Accessing Analog Entities
   ns_GetAnalogInfo – retrieves information specific to analog entities
   ns_GetAnalogData – retrieves analog data by index

 Accessing Segment Entities
    ns_GetSegmentInfo – retrieves information specific to segment entities
    ns_GetSegmentSourceInfo – retrieves information about the sources that
                              generated the segment data
    ns_GetSegmentData – retrieves segment data by index

 Accessing Neural Event Entities
    ns_GetNeuralInfo – retrieves information for neural event entities
    ns_GetNeuralData – retrieves neural event data by index

 Searching Entity Indexes
    ns_GetIndexByTime – retrieves an entity index by time
    ns_GetTimeByIndex – retrieves time range from entity indexes

 Obtaining Meaningful Error Messages
     ns_GetLastErrorMsg – retrieves the most recent text error message

The Matlab Bindings/Import Filter was developed by the Neuroshare project.
Minor modification were made by the German Neuroinformatics Node (G-Node).
For more information visit the respective website:
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