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A SPARQL server tailored to query odML specific RDF based on Apache fuseki
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The G-Node odml-query service

odml-query is a SPARQL server based on Apache Fuseki, the service is modified to query odML specific RDF.

For more information on the odML data formats, please check the sections below.

The odML (Open metaData Markup Language) format

The open metadata Markup Language is a file based format (XML, JSON, YAML) for storing metadata in an organised human- and machine-readable way. odML is an initiative to define and establish an open, flexible, and easy-to-use format to transport metadata.

The source code of the core library is freely available on GitHub and can be installed via the Python package manager pip by typing pip install odml.

More information about the project including related projects as well as tutorials and examples can be found at our odML project page.

The odML specific RDF definitions can be found here.

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