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[DEPRECATED] substeps-api Build Status

The substeps-api repository has been merged into one with other core Substep libraries. No more pull requests on the repository will be accepted.

So the new home is substeps-framework which now contains:

  • substeps-api
  • substeps-core
  • substeps-runner
  • substeps-glossary


  • Exposed a mechanism to allow users of substeps to specifiy custom execution listeners including renaming INotifier to IExecutionListener and renaming the notify_xxx methods to on_xxx.
  • Support for building of the caller hierarchy in the core
  • Addition of api in Configuration to enable config properties to be added in code without needing an enum and properties file.
  • Tidied up ExecutionNode and storage of any exceptions thrown. Wrapper around exception to make RMI calls easier in restricted environments.
  • MBean interface to additionally return byte[] representations of results.


  • version number bump in line with other substeps libraries


  • Addition of release notes!
  • Move of ExecutionContextSupplier, MutableSupplier plus other refactorings