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[DEPRECATED] substeps-core Build Status

The substeps-api repository has been merged into one with other core Substep libraries. No more pull requests on the repository will be accepted.

So the new home is substeps-framework which now contains:

  • substeps-api
  • substeps-core
  • substeps-runner
  • substeps-glossary


  • Exposed a mechanism to allow users of substeps to specifiy custom execution listeners along with a barebones step logging implementation, updates as a result of renaming the listener interface
  • Logging changed from debug to warn when setup or tear down fails [petergphillips]
  • Added some javadocs descriptions
  • Built a caller hierarchy and determined substep definitions that are not called in the current scope.
  • Defensive code around early failure and an IndexOutOfBounds plus an error when no substeps files supplied.
  • Fixed issue around passing of variables into substeps when running in non strict mode
  • refactoring of the JMX server to return byte representations of results, wrapping setup failures inside the root node
  • Corrected the order of setting node state and sending out notifications


  • version number bump in line with other substeps libraries


  • reduced some logging from debug to trace
  • bug around single word substep definitions - the parser would fail to resolve them
  • default execution report title if none provided in the pom
  • parsing Backgrounds on Windows resulted in an IndexOutOfBounds - now fixed
  • Addition of source file and line number to UnimplementedStepException


  • An API has been extracted from core, with a BOM project introduced to make using substeps easier
  • Ant / Junit runners have been removed from core and put in modules of a new repository which also contains the Maven plugin
  • Major refactor of execution node hierarchy
  • Change to SusbtepsRunner interface
  • Change in the way the number of scenario steps are calculated, these are now counted for each example in an outline
  • Added screenshots of failures to the feature report
  • BUGFIX: tailing comments not stripped from substep definition files


  • Line numbers, source offsets included in steps
  • Applied standard formatter (can be found in the root of the 'Substeps' project)
  • Updated report to include step timing information
  • BUGFIX: Fixed trailing commas in detail_data.json and renamed to detail_data.js
  • BUGFIX: when parsing substeps directives in SubStepDefinitionParser, catch PatternSyntaxExceptions log, rather than failing the whole syntax build
  • Performance improvements for locating the first line


  • Bug in substeps.js used for the reports.


  • Further improvements around the reporting, better layout, tables of failed tags, layout etc, tag data now externalised.


  • Empty Substep definitions are now excluded and no longer throw an NPE.
  • Addition of Ant task for running SubSteps
  • Scenarios without steps defined no longer throw an NPE.
  • Major improvements to the HTML test report (still more to do here).
  • empty table values are now substituted correctly without throwing an NPE.
  • bugs around new lines in report json


  • BUGFix: Scenarios that should be allowed to fail the build were still failing the build.
  • Introduced a BuildFailureManager to assist with critical or otherwise failures.
  • Non Critical scenarios no longer need to have the features also tagged.
  • quoted #'s are now treated as values rather than comment delimitter
  • Wiring in of initialisation classes via StepImplementations annotation


  • Changes to Notifications, single distributor with a set of listeners.
  • Changes to support the eclipse plugin.
  • DefaultExecutionReportBuilder will now delete the report directory if it's already there.
  • substeps filename now reported in debug
  • changes to support glossary building
  • SyntaxBuilder now allows a ClassAnalyser to be passed in, rather than instantiated (used in eclipse plugin)
  • added missing images from the basic report