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[DEPRECATED] substeps-glossary Build Status

The substeps-api repository has been merged into one with other core Substep libraries. No more pull requests on the repository will be accepted.

So the new home is substeps-framework which now contains:

  • substeps-api
  • substeps-core
  • substeps-runner
  • substeps-glossary


  • Version number bump


  • Version number bump

This project will build an xml descriptor of the step implementations for inclusion within step implementation libraries, or if used in a project that uses step implementations, the plugin can generate an HTML report for all of the step implementations in use on that project, both in libraries and bespoke.




                            <id>Build SubSteps Glossary</id>

				<!-- the list of step implementation classes you wish to document, these classes must reside in the source of the project or in a depedency of this pom -->	



			<!-- Other dependencies are used from the surrounding pom -->




Substeps documentation can be found here.

There is also a Substeps Google group if you have any queries and where new releases will ne announced.