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substeps-webdriver Build Status

Webdriver based step implementations.

Substeps documentation can be found here.

There is also a Substeps Google group if you have any queries and where new releases will ne announced.

Release Notes


  • addition of ExecutionListener config in the pom, set to default step logger implemenation.
  • Add in proxy capabilities for other browsers [Peter Phillips]
  • Enabled full screen mode for visual browsers
  • Refactored MatchingElementResultHandler into it's own class
  • Browser js logs now printed via enabling trace on WebDriverBrowserLogs
  • Clicks now wait until an item is clickable
  • Travis-CI integration


  • Catch StaleElementExceptions in FindByTagAndAttributes - elements located in the initial search can become detached from the DOM, such elements can be discared from the results.
  • Removed some dead substeps in the self tests.


  • New step implementation, FindParentByTagAndAttributes.
  • Refactored some methods out of this project into the api
  • 1.1.1 core and api dependency
  • selenium 2.35.0 dependency
  • Ability to reset webdriver between scenarios rather than close and restart
  • WebDriverFactory customisation to allow customisation of the creation and initialisation of the WebDriver instance
  • Clarify some Assertions and Finders, we've decided to remove Asserts that are simply Finders, and also tighten the wording of some steps. Changes to steps : AssertTagElementStartsWithText -> FindFirstTagElementStartingWithText AssertValue id msg_id text = "Hello World" -> FindById msg_id and text = "Hello World" AssertChildElementsContainText xpath="li//a" text = "Log Out" -> FindFirstChildElementContainingText xpath="li//a" text = "Log Out" AssertTagElementContainsText tag="ul" text="list item itext" -> FindFirstTagElementContainingText tag="ul" text="list item itext" FindTagElementContainingText ... -> FindFirstTagElementContainingText ...
  • AssertPageSourceContains can now handle checking for quoted strings, eg checking javascript values or return values from ReSTful calls.
  • new step implementation FindFirstChild ByTagAndAttributes
  • new step implementation Find nth ByTagAndAttributes


  • Upgraded dependency on webdriver-java to 2.28.0
  • Some changes to work with api which has been split out of core
  • Addition of Table row related functionality; FindTableRowWithColumnsThatContainText, FindElementInRow etc
  • DismissAlert step implementation


  • Refactored some of the Webdriver locating code into new 'By' classes
  • DoubleClick and Context click support
  • removed Email steps from webdriver-susbteps - these were based on Dumbster and not reliable (caused deadlock)


  • Added a property to disable js with HTMLUnit.
  • move to 1.0.0 versions of other substeps libraries


  • Increased version of substeps-core and substeps-runner for enhanced reporting


  • Modified StepImplementation classes to specify the required initialisation classes
  • Changed the dependency on activation.jar to an available version


  • Changes as a result of core changes to Notifications.
  • fixed the base url when specifying relative paths on Windows.
  • enabled use of the IE driver.
  • removed unused config property.
  • BUG: fix around FindChildByTagAndAttributes - wasn't actually finding children, siblings were also being reported.
  • inclusion of step implementation glossary info
  • exposed the DriverType from WebDriverContext
  • improved some of the step implementation docs
  • BUG: NavigateTo now uses base.url property unless the url begins with file or http