A python script to change Hue lightbulb colors based on what's displayed on the screen. [Mac].
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A python script that continuously changes Hue lightbulb colors based on what's displayed on the screen. This script uses the Quartz.CoreGraphics module, which is Mac specific.


Demo video

How to use


  • macOS with Xcode & command line tools installed. Tested with macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

  • Quartz.CoreGraphics python module

     pip install -U pyobjc-core
     pip install -U pyobjc
  • PHue python module

     pip install phue
  • AmbienceHue code

     git clone git@github.com:G2Jose/AmbienceHue.git


  • Change the value of BRIDGE_IP to the IP address of your Hue Bridge. You can find this by logging into your Router's admin page.
  • Change the LEFT_LIGHT and RIGHT_LIGHT parameters to match your setup. This might require some trial to figure out what numbers map to what lights.
  • The transition time is set to 0.1 ds (0.1 * 1/10th of a second) to avoid the appearance of the lights flickering.
  • By default, the script only watches a strip 1/20th the width of the screen on each side. This setting can be changed by modifying the WIDTH parameter.


  • Navigate to the directory containing the script

     cd AmbienceHue
  • Launch the script using python (tested on 3.5.2)

     python AmbienceHue.py

In case of bugs or issues, get in touch through www.georgejose.com or file a github issue!