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CF 401 Javascript final project. Community created travel app
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CF 401 Javascript final project. Virtual pet

Pseudo Pet is an app that allow parents to give their children training for taking care of a real pet.


Sign up requirements for our app are:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Password

To Login you will need to re-enter:

  • Email
  • Password

Without a login account there is no way to access the Home view


The Home view is where a parent can post a new child. To post a child a parent must:

  • Assign the name of the child
  • Assign a phone number for the child

Once a child is posted the parent can assign a pet to a child. to do this the parent has to name the pet and it will be attached to the child instance the pet form is attached to.

Text Message

Once a pet is assigned to a child the child will recieve a text message to the phone number assigned by the parent. This number will further be used to send notifications of the pets needs such as:

  • When a pet is hungry
  • when a pet needs a bath
  • When a pet needs play time
  • When a pet needs to be walked
  • etc...

The text will also send the child a link to the Pet View where the child will perform these tasks.

Pet view

The pet view is a page assigned to a child based on their child ID. Only the child is given this page to take care of their pet.

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