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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 20, 2022. It is now read-only.
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Get Company Info is a company repository for searchers and crawlers


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GetCompany Info

This is a company repository, it was online at but because it didn much trafict i shut it down.

1. Company Informations

This project doen't have any company informations out of the box, you have to get it however you want and add it to the database by yourself

2. Features

  • ~ 400 ms load time (html + css + js)
  • REST API to load companies information
  • Secure API to prevent crawl bots from dumping all Database
  • Cache system to save companies informations
  • Contact form, and email system to send the form to the website admin
  • Twitter integration, 1 tweet send for each new company crawled
  • Full cloudflare integration to archive max 400ms load time
  • Elastic beans talk full support
  • Postgres Database
  • Automatic sitemap generator
  • SEO optimization + google structured data to friendly SEO

3. Requirements

This project requires the following libraries to work:

  • django
  • pytz
  • psycopg2
  • beautifulsoup4
  • django-debug-toolbar
  • tweepy

4. Pre-Run

To run this Django project you have to setup some enviremont vars: Remember that this project requires a Postgresql database, or you can change the settings file for another database.

  1. export DEBUG="1 or 0"
  2. export SECRET_KEY="random string here"
  3. export DB_HOST="Postgresql db url"
  4. export DB_USER="Postgresql db Username"
  5. export DB_PASS="Postgresql db Password"
  6. export EMAIL_USER="AWS ses email user"
  7. export EMAIL_PASS="AWS ses email password"
  8. export TWITTER_CONS_KEY="Twitter connection key"
  9. export TWITTER_CONS_SEC="Twitter connection secret"
  10. export TWITTER_ACESS_TOK="Twitter acess token"
  11. export TWITTER_ACESS_SEC="Twitter acess secret"

5. Run

To start the server run:

  1. python3 migrate
  2. python3 runserver

6. Elastic beanstalk

This project is ready to use in the amazon elastic beanstalk, just run "eb init" and "eb deloy name" and you are ready to go

7. Preview

Index Page index page

Company Page company page

Contact Page contact page

Hidden Status Page status page

8. Statistics

100% optimized load time load_time page

Clicks and impressions on Google Search google_search page

Last month we where online - cloudflare stats last_month page

Google Structured Data - all companies were SEO friendly with structured data search_data page

Twitter page - every time we crawl a new company we publish a new tweet twitter page