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An ESP8266 is configured as a webserver using the Wi-Fi Manager to read and log temperature and humidity from a variety of sensors using the WemoS shields and then displays the results using Google Charts. Any ESP8266 can be used.

There are four versions so-far using:

  1. BOSCH BME280 to display temperature, humidity, dewpoint and pressure
  2. SHT30-D to display temperature, humidity, dewpoint
  3. DHT22 to display temperature, humidity, dewpoint
  4. DHT11 to display temperature, humidity, dewpoint

The design gives a totally self-contained and apart from google charts, it requires no other access to external sites like MQTT or Thingspeak.

Data is recorded to an SD-Card if fitted. It recovers data from the SD-Card in the event of power failure or a restart and does this contiguously.

The log file can be checked for size, erased and streamed out to a web browser for copy/paste into a spreadsheet.

The scale of the y-axis can be varied as required.

BEWARE: As Google notes in their documentation, implementation of Google Charts is highly complex, if you modify the code, don't be surprised if it stops working, this code is the culmination of my extensive studies into the use of Google Charts through their documentation and then my careful implementation and it also requires the correct use of the ESP8266 server functions.  Some functions may seem superfluous but they are not. Any adjustment of the HTML code or attributes other than simple colour or font size changes is likely to make the code non-operational. I have noticed, but can't explain why, that Google Charts sometimes can and can't cope with large amounts of data for plotting, so I have reduced the amount of data sent for graphing by 2, so step size is now +2. This appears to improve graphing reliability.