Framework for Collaborative Networked Organizations
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Framework for Collaborative Networked Organizations

Free, open-source software for information and knowledge in collaborative networks of organizations management tools - CNFrameWork

Main objectives

  • New methods, strategies and tools, for information management and knowledge networking collaborative organizations;
  • Models and analysis of socio-technical collaborative processes;
  • Collaborative networks of enterprises form a strong, interdisciplinary research area covering components like Chain Management, Virtual Organizations, Collaborative Networks, and addresses complex problems in design and management;
  • Give visibility to research supporting the publication of international scientific papers on journals, as well as the participation of researchers in of scientific activities, and conducting colloquia, conferences, seminars and other international events;
  • Promote models, programs and projects with institutions, centers and scientific research;
  • Models for collaborative business networks, through the management of capabilities, planning and coordination in dynamic networks decision support systems, heuristic optimization objectives and technical interoperability and semantics.


The CNFrameWork team, based at OSIKMCN, includes:

Fernando Teodósio - Project Lead

Hugo Rodrigues - Community Manager

João Dias - Developer


CNFrameWorkSMO is open-source software released under the The MIT License (MIT).