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FAtiMA Toolkit Unity Demo

In order to demonstrate what the Storytelling Framework , using the FAtiMA-Toolkit, can do, we decided to create a Virtual Gameplay experience. This experience makes full use of both the Integrated Authoring Tool and the Role Player Character assets. It also makes use of other RAGE-developed assets, showing players and developers the synergy between the tools developed throughout the project.

The Storytelling Framework is compatible with a number of different platforms such as Android phones, IOS devices and WebGL so that it can run directly on a modern browser, without requiring installation

FAtiMA Toolkit is a collection of tools/assets designed for the creation of characters with social and emotional intelligence. Currently, the project is actively being developed in the context of the EU-funded project named RAGE. As implied by its name, the toolkit is a continuation of the work done in developing the FAtiMA agent architecture. This architecture was initially released in 2005 and, since then, it has been used to control the behaviour of virtual characters and social robots in several research applications such as:

  • SUECA - A social robot that plays an augmented reality card game;
  • FearNot! - A serious game for teaching children how to cope with bullying;

Besides porting the code from Java to C#, the toolkit offers many significant improvements over the previous form of FAtiMA. These improvements were guided by the following goals:

  • Modular design;
  • Simple integration with current game engines and other AI frameworks;
  • Accessible authoring tools and proper documentation;
  • Able to work on multiple application environments (Windows, Mac, Browser, iOS, Android)

Executable (Windows):

FAtiMA-Toolkit Integrated Authoring Tool Video Demonstration:

FAtiMA-Toolkit Role Play Character Tool Video Demonstration:


Apache 2.0


For any questions, suggestions and feedback please contact Samuel Mascarenhas (


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