GATB-Core example code snippets

This directory contains many ready-to-compile code snippets you can use to learn GATB-Core c++ API.


The following third parties have to be already installed to compile GATB-Core examples:

  • a C++/11 capable compiler (e.g. gcc 4.7+, clang 3.5+, Apple/clang 6.0+)
  • CMake 3.1+

Compile GATB-CORE snippets

Get a copy of the project

If not already done:

cd <some_directory>
git clone

Compile all snippets

cd <some_directory>/gatb-core/gatb-core
mkdir build
cd build
make -j8 examples

Compile a particular snippet

Instead of using:

make -j8 examples

simply do:

make -j8 bank15

to compile snippet "bank15.cpp". Apply the same recipe to compile any other code snippets.

Simple Makefile

Alternatively, you can use the provided "makefile" script to compile a single example. It needs to be modified to point to the correct path of the GATB-core library. Maybe it will need some tweaking (try removing the "-static" flag if compilation fails).

Try it, from this folder:

make bank/bank1

should compile the first bank1.cpp example

Run a compiled code snippet

Have a look at the begining of each c++ source code: you'll see how to use the example programs.

For instance, taking the above example "bank15.cpp", you run it as follows:

# from within the 'build' directory:
./bin/bank15 ../test/db/reads1.fa


Basic APIs explained:

  • Bank: read/write FastA and FastQ files (plain text and gzip)
  • Iterator: go through a Bank by iterating over its sequences
  • k-mer: from sequences to k-mers
  • De Bruijn Graph: from sequences to De Bruijn Graphs

Advanced APIs explained:

  • Multi-threading: easy way to manage multi-threaded tasks on Linux and OSX
  • Storage: easy way to handle HDF5 storage

Make your own full-featured GATB-Tool:

  • Tool API: make a command-line based tool quickly

The complete GATB-Core API reference documentation is here.

Online tutorial

Some of these code snippets are also available for direct use from the GATB-Core online Tutorial.


To contact a developer, request help, etc, use:


GATB is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Affero GPL v3 license.