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Graph API

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Graph is the representation of a De Bruijn graph.

This short code snippet illustrates the use of the Graph API:

# we import pyGATB Graph
from gatb import Graph

# We will use a file containing a De Bruijn Graph stored
# in HDF5 format; file created using dbgh5 tool provided
# with GATB-Core. (This file is located next to this snippet)

# We create the graph
graph = Graph('-in %s' % F_NAME)

# We iterate over some nodes
for i, node in enumerate(graph):
    print('{}: {!r}'.format(i, node))
if i > 3: break

(Code snippet taken from here).

Output of this Pyhon3-pyGATB program is as follows:

Input is h5 or _gatb/ (we assume that kmer counting has already been done), we will complete it into a graph if necessary.
0: <Node k5 AAAAC F>
1: <Node k5 AAAAT F>
2: <Node k5 AAAAG F>
3: <Node k5 AAACA F>
4: <Node k5 AAACC F>

In turn, you can use the Node API to navigate through the graph.

You can review a deep use of Graph and Node APIs here.

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