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Windows version of the Kindle Weather Server Scripts (using VBScript)

Rewrite of Matthew Petroff's Python server scripts in VBScript for a Windows server.

  • Server-VBScript - Three folders of server scripts, written in VBScript and batch files for a Windows server, just use them from one folder depending on which weather provider you want to use:
  • ServerMet - Her Majesty's Government's Meteorological Office (The Met Office) forecasts. They only cover the UK (this is what I'm using on my Kindle).
  • ServerNOAA - the US Government's NOAA's National Weather Service. The major downside (for me) is that they only provide forecasts for the USA.
  • ServerWU - Weather Underground, run from a US University, they provide worldwide coverage, and in multiple languages.
  • kindle - scripts (and dummy image) to be loaded onto the Kindle
  • server - Python and shell scripts for a Linux server

See here for more info: GAThrawn: Kindle Weather Display (from Windows)