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Misc GPIO stuff OpenWRT

This Git contains miscellaneous stuff for GPIO handling and testing


simple GPIO kernel module


simple GPIO IRQ kernel module testing 0047-GPIO-MIPS-ralink-add-gpio-driver-for-ralink-SoC.patch_patch obsolet


simple GPIO toggling test (RT3052 & AR933x only)

 void __iomem *gpio_addr = NULL;
 void __iomem *gpio_setdataout_addr = NULL;
 void __iomem *gpio_cleardataout_addr = NULL;

 gpio_addr = ioremap(GPIO_START_ADDR, GPIO_SIZE);

 gpio_setdataout_addr   = gpio_addr + GPIO_OFFS_SET;
 gpio_cleardataout_addr = gpio_addr + GPIO_OFFS_CLEAR;
 mask = 1 << gpio;

 for(repeat=0;repeat<NR_REPEAT;repeat++) {
     __raw_writel(mask, gpio_setdataout_addr);
     __raw_writel(mask, gpio_cleardataout_addr);
CPU toggle speed
RT3052@320MHz 6.67 MHz
AR9331@400MHz 7.69 MHz
AR9341@533MHz 7.69 MHz
MT7688@580MHz 7.69 MHz


simple GPIO IRQ latency test



adds GPIO IRQ stuff for ATH79 based SoCs like AR933x, AR934x, QCA9533

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