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A jQuery plugin that adds random noise to the background of a given element.
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Noisy is a jQuery plugin that adds random noise to a given element.

Here's an example:

    intensity: 0.9, 
    size: 200, 
    opacity: 0.08,
    fallback: 'fallback.png',
    monochrome: false

But since all parameters are optional you can just use it like this:


You can try the interactive demo here.


Just download the repository and link to the local minimized script

<script src="noisy/jquery/jquery.noisy.min.js"></script>

Or link via

<script src=""></script>

What's wrong with using an image?

Bandwidth cost

Due to the random nature of background images with a noisy overlay, compression usually isn't very effective. With this 1 KB script you can generate images up to 300 KB without loading for even a second. Saving bandwidth costs and loading time.

Development speed

Trying out an image with a different noise opacity involves a much smaller amount of steps by just updating a parameter than changing and saving the image in Photoshop.


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