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Enso Portable

A portable distribution of the community version of Humanized Enso Launcher for Windows with some additional commands

(C) 2011-2012 g/christensen (gchristnsn@gmail.com)


Description: the Enso Launcher application allows to launch programs found in the Windows Start menu (or picked manually using the `learn as open' command) and perform many other operations with text command line triggered by pressing the CAPSLOCK key. It's possible to create your own commands using Python programming language.

Download a portable binary distribution (no installation is required)

v0.1.6 (Python 2.7)

v0.1.5 (Python 2.5)


  • There is no need to hold down the CAPSLOCK key as in the original version (it's only necessary to hit it once, the settings could be adjusted at the enso/config.py file).

  • Use the `help' command to get the list of available commands.

  • The GIT repository contains only the Enso source code without a Python interpreter, it's more convenient to use the binary package above (which includes a trimmed down Python interpreter) to develop your own commands, so you need only the Notepad to do this.

  • To add a new command you need to put a Python file with its source code into the `commands' folder under the Enso root directory (see the docs on command authoring).


I haven't found any Enso command package suitable for my needs, so I decided to make my own one. If you like Enso, you can use the source code freely as you wish, see more at the Enso Launcher page (the original application is orphaned now). The source code of the original community Enso application could be found here: https://launchpad.net/enso/community-enso (also probably orphaned).


  • Abbyy Lingvo dictionary software (optional)

Additional functionality not found in the original Enso

  • Ability to restart using a tray menu item or the `enso restart' command

Additional Commands


Session/Power management commands (self explanatory):

  • log off
  • shut down
  • reboot
  • suspend
  • hibernate


System commands:

  • kill [process name or id] - kill a process using its executable name (without extension) or id


Dial-up network related commands:

  • dial [connection name] - connect to the Internet using a dialup connection
  • hangup [connection name] - close an Internet connection


Generate a UUID in several formats (upper/lower case, numeric):

  • guid [format]

Generate a random number in the Int32 positive range [0, 2147483646]. It's possible to narrow the range using command arguments:

  • random [from num to num]


Control Abbyy Lingvo dictionary software with Enso Launcher. It's possible to specify translation direction attributes, see command help for the details.

  • lingvo [word from lang to lang] - translate a word
  • quit lingvo - close Lingvo

mount.py warning: does not work out of the box, hacking required

A set of shortcuts to [un]mount TrueCrypt volumes:

  • truecrypt mount [letter] - mount a truecrypt volume assigned to the specified letter
  • truecrypt umount - unmount all mounted volumes

dd_wrt.py warning: does not work out of the box, hacking required

A set of dd-wrt shortcut commands (requires terminal access to a dd-wrt router):

  • wake slave - send a magic packet to a workstation with MAC address hardcoded in the command file

  • switch wireless - turn wireless radio on/off

  • wan reconnect - reconnect the ppoe daemon (may be useful to get a new IP from a dynamic pool)

Known Issues

  • The trigger key will not show the command line if Windows Taskbar is under the focus.

Change Log

  • Fixed `help' command, internal fixes [Brian Peiris]
  • Additional symbols in calc command (+, -, etc.) [thodan]
  • Fixed `close' command [Caleb John]
  • Fixed website' command (by addingsimplejson' library)
  • Added Python 2.7 support