Sbire is a command line tool that recognize your voice and execute commands linked
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"Sbire" is the French word for henchman. Sbire is program which is capable to listen what you said and execute the command associated.

How it works

Sbire is using sox to record the voice and send files recorded to Google speech-api. Google speech-api analyze your voice and return corresponding words. The rest of the application is a simple ruby code. To emulate streaming, the record is splitted in many short files.


Linux :

sudo apt-get install sox notify-osd ruby1.9.1 xdotool
gem install sbire
sbire install


brew install sox
sudo port install xdotool
gem install sbire
sbire install

Windows :

Install ruby with [RubyInstall](
gem install sbire
sbire install


To run a command :

  • Open a terminal
  • Type sbire start
  • Say the command ("Firefox" for example)
  • The command will be executed

To write where your cursor is :

  • Open a terminal
  • Type sbire pipe
  • Say the text ("This project rocks" for example)
  • It will write the text where your cursor is

To write a text file :

  • Open a terminal
  • Type sbire save
  • Say the text ("This project rocks" for example)
  • A file will be created in ~\.sbire\text

To stop sbire, type sbire stop.

If you want to see what is written in the file in real time, run tail -f ~\.sbire\text.


By default, the language is en-us. You can change it by changing the value of lang by your language. For example, to set it to French, write:

lang: fr-FR

Bind phrase and commands

You can bind more complexe phrases with commands by adding a ~\.sbire\commands.yml file and write for example:

"chromium-browser": ["open chrome", "chrome"]
"skype": "open skype"

Pipe the text with a custom command

By default, when you use sbire pipe, it will use a command to emulate the keyboard. You can change it by editing the file ~\.sbire\config.yml and change the value of pipe_command by anything you want.

Add a shortcut

For some obscure reason, Ubuntu does not run ruby commands binded with a keyboard shortcut. You must install xbindkeys to make it work.


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