Esri CityEngine Library with helper rules and scripts for use in larger projects.
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What is GD3D.lib?

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It's the start of a CityEngine library where I'll share some of our simple building block rule files.
Some of the best rule and most used CityEngine rules are simple in regards to what they are doing, take for example the ESRI.lib Plant or text rules. Focused and useful they allow an end user to focus on the project itself not a small but sometimes visually important aspect such as a tree.


  • assets folder Simple models and textures reference in rule files will be stored here
  • helper folder This will have MS Excel files I use to construct some rule files with
  • rules folder This will be organised by rule type (TBD)
  • scripts folder Helper python scripts to organise and construct

What GD3D.lib is not.

Well it's not as yet intended as a complete and complex CityEngine project such as the Complete Streets Rule by David Wasserman. It's also a work in progress!

What will it include?

The intention is for this to operate like ESRI.lib a set of rules that very rarely changes once written so others can write rules to reference these. I'm also looking to include some helper python scripts as well.


This is my first attempt at properly using GITHUB and sharing CityEngine rules and scripts publically, you should therefore know a few things:

  • I'm an Urban Planner and Geographer first, coding came to me later in life.
  • Some of this code will be messy, I'm happy for improvements to be made and to take on board advice
  • I'm quite good at coding in CGA (I'm an Esri CityEngine instructor ) but I don't pretend to know everything and my python knowledge is 'ad-hoc' to put it mildly!
  • All code has been tested but you are responsible for testing the code here on your projects.
  • You've been warned!

Thank you!

A big thank you to David Wasserman, who has showed me a model for sharing CityEngine rules online. This is a humble attempt to replicate what he started and to further everyone's knowledge and understanding of Esri CityEngine.