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GDLive is an OpenSource Project that idea started from GDG Korea Organizers Group

This project displays Google Developers Live's Youtube video streams and scheduled programs.

Any requests are welcomed! (translation, adding functions ..)

#Please import ActionBarSherlock Library

If you want to build this app from source code, You must import ActionBarSherlock Library.

When you import the library, please set the name ActionBarSherlockLibrary into library name to prevent confliction.

Why the ActionBarSherlock?

We chose ActionBarSherlock library to provide GDLive app for more developers & users.

By this integration, the project got more capability to lower version Android devices above Gingerbread 2.3.3 (sdk 8+) without loss of design functionality.

#How to Translate ###We need your participation.

If you want to provide this app by your mother language, please translate "string.xml" and commit to make your own language folder like as values-ko in res directory.

####Also if you have enough time, please translate below Google Play Store app Description either.

GDLive is OpenSource Project that started at gdgkr-organizers.
This application is able to watch Google Developers Live page's youtube movie and scheduled programs.

I made public this project at github.

please, report bug at github.
And any requests are welcomed! (translation, adding functions ..)

I will update Google Play Store Description. please, announce me or Github Commit about your language.

##Release Log


This application is able to watch Google Developers Live page's youtube video and scheduled programs.



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