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GDSC-VIT is a student community with the aim of making tech more accessible as well create an impact in the society through Open-Source technology.

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  1. vitty vitty Public

    Website for VITTY - VIT Timetable App

    TypeScript 2 12

  2. HandWriter HandWriter Public

    A smart program to convert digital document to hand-written document

    Python 196 48

  3. pip-gui pip-gui Public

    A GUI based Python Package installer

    Python 88 23

  4. Resource-Hub Resource-Hub Public

    One stop repository of resources for getting started with any of the mentioned domains

    48 35

  5. ssh ssh Public

    A file transfer application

    Python 18 5

  6. airPollution airPollution Public archive

    The program aims at controlling the pollution in a given area by suggesting the number of trees and the areas where they should be planted

    Python 9 3


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