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A privacy standard for WordPress plugins

In this repository you will find the PHP object interface ready for implementation in your WordPress plugin.

The GDPR WP project is open source and you are welcome to create issues on GitHub as well as collaborate with us via - a #privacy channel is under way.

The proposed standard revolves around a PHP object interface that plugins can implement in their codebase. By implementing this standardized interface, you can tell the world how your plugin handles personal idenfiable information (PII).

How it works We have a hook/do_action, in which we send an object. This object is available for plugin developers to use, when identifying which Personal Identifiable Data their plugin handles.

The current Object, has a method called : set_field ($args), which in essens is key-value pairs. ('label' and 'value').

The GDPR for WP plugin will in turn present these values on an admin screen

Our goal Implementing the interface will allow privacy tools to be created that can help make WordPress websites GDPR compliant.

Tools that work across WordPress plugins. That's our goal !

Version 1.0 of the Interface is out, and we're following our roadmap

Demo code will provided shortly and a GDPR for WP plugin is being developed, to combine the interface output from a WordPress websites active plugins. This will ultimatly provide the needed functionality to website administrators to oversee the GDPR compliance status of a website, as well as handel user requests (data portability and right to be forgotten).

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