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Command line program to generate video proxies faster for Blender's Video Sequence Editor, using ffmpeg
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Blender Power Sequencer Proxy

This is a standalone python package as well as a module which is used under the hood in the Blender Power Sequencer add-on to generate better proxies to be used in Blender.


It can be installed as a standalone command line utility via PiPy: pip install [--user] bpsproxy. Note that you have to have $HOME/.local/bin included in your $PATH environment variable (on unix) if you're going to install the utility locally (using --user when executing pip).


After installing the script, get help by writing bpsproxy -h:

usage: bpsproxy [-h] [-p {webm,mp4,nvenc}] [-s {25,50,100} [{25,50,100} ...]]
                [-v] [--dry-run]

Create proxies for Blender VSE using FFMPEG.

positional arguments:
  working_directory     The directory containing media to create proxies for

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p {webm,mp4,nvenc}, --preset {webm,mp4,nvenc}
                        a preset name for proxy encoding
  -s {25,50,100} [{25,50,100} ...], --sizes {25,50,100} [{25,50,100} ...]
                        A list of sizes of the proxies to render, either 25,
                        50, or 100
  -v, --verbose         Increase verbosity level (eg. -vvv).
  --dry-run             Run the script without actual rendering or creating
                        files and folders. For DEBUGGING purposes

External Dependencies

BPSProxy requires

  • ffmpeg
  • ffprobe

to be available in the $PATH environment variable in order to work. In case BPSProxy will catch a missing dependency it will throw a message error similar to this:

ERROR:BPS:BPSProxy couldn't find external dependencies:
[X] ffmpeg: NOT FOUND
[X] ffprobe: NOT FOUND
Check if you have them properly installed and available in the PATH environemnt variable.
~ Exiting.
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