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A collection of Free Krita brushes, by GDQuest, for concept artists, illustrators and game artists

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Banner showing 5 brush thumbnails Free Krita Brushes for Game Artists

Want to become a faster artist? Here's a set of free Krita brushes carefully designed by a professional game designer, for you.

To download the full set, head to the Releases

If you're looking for even better brushes and art tutorials, check out the full Krita Brushes for Game Artists ! It comes with more presets and exclusive video tutorials to help you get the most out of Krita.

 Simple painting of a desert made with the brushes

If you're a brush creator, check out GDquest's open source Krita brush thumbnails generator

Brush thumbnail generator example

Krita tutorials

On the Youtube channel , you'll find dozens of free tutorials and art timelapses showcasing the brushes:

Want to learn game creation with Free and Open Source tools?

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I'd also love to see what you make with the brushes. Don't hesitate to send me your art on Twitter .

License: CC-Attribution-4.0

These brushes are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 terms to GDquest, []( This attribution is only necessary if you redistribute or modify the brushes

Read the full license terms