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0.1 - Initial release
0.2 - BPF filter added on listening socket
WEP support
0.3 - Code cleanup
Arguments input and parsing
Psyco optimizer support
Public release
0.3.1 - Typo fixed
0.3.2 - Versioning changed
Hostap and wlan-ng patches
More documentation
0.3.3 - Updated patches from Christophe Devine for hostap and madwifi
New patches from Christophe Devine for rt2500 and rtl8180
Updated README
0.3.4 - Updated patches from Christophe Devine
Updated documentation: README, PATCHING
Added links to drivers and patches on
Added a sample ping answering machine (
0.3.5 - Updated documentation: README
Renamed into
Added a sample DNS answering machine (
0.3.6 - Code cleanup
Awful bugs corrected in and
Moved to Scapy v1.0.0.30
0.3.7 - Adjusted frame size for tuntap (1526) and 802.11 (2346)
0.4.0 - Updated documentation: README, PATCHING
Prism Headers handling removed as latest libpcap handles them
Added patch to enable Prism Headers if needed
Moved to Scapy v1.0.4.74
Added Scapy warnings support
Code cleanup, optimizations and bugfixing (thx to P. Biondi)
Added source MAC address setting support
Added a sample ARP answering machine (
0.4.1 - Updated to use modern scapy and work with Linux radiotap headers
Oliver Lavery, Gotham Digital Science (