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  1. make-pro-2d-games-with-godot

    A-RPG demo made with Godot, MIT-licensed, from our Godot course

    GDScript 230 28

  2. Godot-engine-tutorial-demos

    Source files for the 30 days free tutorials challenge as part of the Make Professional 2d Games with Godot Kickstarter

    GDScript 375 125

  3. Blender-power-sequencer

    Video editing add-on for Blender

    Python 259 28

  4. godot-slides

    Create beautiful and translatable presentations with the Godot game engine, using drag-and-drop!

    GDScript 219 44

  5. free-krita-brushes

    A collection of Free Krita brushes, by GDquest, for concept artists, illustrators and game artists

    63 6

  6. Krita-designer-tools

    A Free Krita plugin for designers, game artists, and digital artists to work more productively

    Python 15 1