Documentation sources for Power Sequencer, the Blender add-on for video makers
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Blender Power Sequencer docs

Source repository for Power Sequencer, the Open Source Blender add-on for video makers.

To read the documentation, head to the add-on's GitHub wiki . We use this repository to write the documentation with other contributors and collect videos.

Docs writing guidelines

Documenting a tool in the docs doesn't take much time and helps up tremendously! If you enjoy using Power Sequencer, it's a great way to contribute to the project.

We follow a few guidelines to make sure the content is well-structured and as clear as can be. They're the same as the Godot engine's docs writing guidelines :

  1. Use the direct voice instead of the passive voice
  2. Use precise action verbs
  3. Avoid verbs that end in -ing
  4. Remove unnecessary adverbs and adjectives.
  5. Ban these 8 words: obvious, simple, basic, easy, actual, just, clear, and however
  6. Use explicit references
  7. Use ‘s to show possession
  8. Use the Oxford comma

In short, we favor simple English, a coherent structure and short sentences to make the docs more pleasant to read.

How to write docs for a given feature

  1. Use h2 ## for the first title and h3 ### for sub-sections
  2. Start with the title, a short description, followed by a 480p screen recording and the steps to use the tool
  3. Use the html <kbd></kbd> tag for keystrokes. Don't put spaces between keyboard tags. E.g. for Shiftc write <kbd>Shift</kbd><kbd>c</kbd>.

See Import local footage and Cut and Trim with the mouse for examples.

If you need more info, a review, or help to record the video demo, count on us! You can open an issue on GitHub, or contact GDquest on Twitter .

Helpful snippets

Regex to add kbd tags around keyboard shortcuts:

  • Emacs sed command -> s/\( ?\(Shift\|Ctrl\|Alt\|Action Mouse\|Select Mouse\|F[0-9]\|[A-Z0-9]\) ?\)/<kbd>\2<\/kbd>/g


Online docs: