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Changelog! What's new in the Add-On

Power Sequencer 1.2 (👷🏽 Work in Progress)

These are the features and fixes we added lately, and that'll be in the next major update.

You can test them by going to the Blender preferences, add-ons tab, Power Sequencer, and by clicking Install latest master / old version. You can go back to the stable version with the same button.

Power Sequencer switch to master branch

⚠ This is a Work in Progress. Even if we're careful, new features can have bugs 🐛

📘 Free Tutorials

Learn to use BPSrender from the command line! We still need people to tell us that it works well everywhere before we can integrate it in Blender. Also, we need your help to design a nice render panel 😄

Fast Blender VSE render with BPSrender

Note: if you install bpsrender with pip, you can call bpsrender directly like so: bpsrender blender_file_path [options], instead of typing python -m bpsrender ...

🎥🕺 New features

  • Remove crossfade: Remove crossfades in a clean way, as you'd expect! If you select one or more transition effects like Crossfade or Wipe, pressing X will now bring the sequences back together to form a precise cut.
  • Remove Gaps and ignore locked strips: Blender's default tool to remove gap isn't very smart. We had to code our own to create the next feature...
  • Cut with the mouse, without touching locked strips: edit to music with the add-on's fast mouse-based tools! Lock your audio strip and you're good to go 😃
  • Select related strips: find and select effects related to the selection, to then cut, copy or duplicate a strip with everything that should come with it.


The proxy render script got serious love in this version.

  • Thanks to François Grassard, a TV engineer, we now have super efficient proxy rendering presets! These proxies are designed to be easy on Blender, and they offer way smoother preview than Blender's ones 😃. They also generate way faster
  • You can now use convenient presets to render proxies, thanks to @jooert. Use the --preset or -p option followed by the preset's name. This version ships with the mp4, webm, and nvenc presets
    • Nvenc is Nvidia's solution to encode MP4 with your graphics card. It requires ffmpeg 4, an nvidia GPU that supports Nvenc encoding, and I'm not sure this is available on linux! But it will work on Windows. It's especially fast with 50% and 100% sized proxies. The rendering speed difference isn't as big with 25% proxies.
  • You can now render 25%, 50%, and 100% proxies! The default size is still 25%. use the --size option (-s in short form) when calling the program from the command line. E.g. -s 50 to generate 50% proxies
  • The code is better organized now, easier to read and to contribute to in the future. Thanks @sudopluto for making this possible 🙂

Meta strips

  • Resize to content: if you edit inside a group or meta strip, you may want to trim it to use it as a compositing group. Now you can! Works on all selected strips at once.
  • UnMeta many strips: Alt G now works on all selected meta strips at once
  • Auto-trim your nested timelines when you UnMeta strips: also works by default with Alt G. If you don't want this to happen, use Resize to Content first


  • Convert selection to scene strip: If you want to use the node compositor to do complex grade, or to help organize your project, you'll want to use scene strips at times, instead of meta strips.


  • Auto crossfades (Ctrl Alt C) now work in a single channel by default, as in every other professional video editing program
    • You can also add multiple crossfades at a time, e.g. to create an image slideshow with fades between each picture
    • This makes it a lot easier to export Blender edits to Davinci Resolve, Premiere, or Final Cut with the EDL export add-on
  • Swap strips vertically: You can now conveniently change the order of effects or linked strips, e.g. picture overlays
  • Smartly remove strips: if you press X but don't have anything selected, Power Sequencer will find and delete the strips under the mouse cursor for you!
  • Jump in time with Shift and Shift : It's consistent with and to move 1 frame on the timeline. This new tool works in seconds so the jump will be the same regardless of your project's framerate!
  • Concatenate in multiple channels at a time, and concatenate linked strips! The concatenate tool got a rewrite to make better decisions based on your selection

Improvements to the source code

We've reorganized and simplified many features, to make it easier for you to read and to contribute! Now, all marker-related features, fade-related features, etc. are grouped together.

🤕 Fixes

  • Removed the option to swap strips with effects, as they were causing problems
  • Fixed errors when adding crossfades, that could happen with different starting selections
  • The add-on will now only load necessary files in Blender, making startup a little faster
  • Fixed an error when trying to delete (X) without a selection
  • BPSrender got a few fixes:
    • If you set your render to the /tmp\ folder, BPSrender wouldn't work. It now reads your render settings instead to properly set the render path
    • Render now works as expected when there's whitespace in the file paths

Support us and get better tools!

Power Sequencer 1.1: Faster edits 🎞

📅 Released in August 2018

Huge thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible: @doakey3 and @sudopluto, @razcore-art, @jooert, and @Blezyn, who recently joined the adventure 😊. Thanks to them this new version brings many new features and improvements to the add-on!

Free tutorials

Two new tutorials came out to complement the project. They are about Python programming, to help more people create their own tools and contribute to existing add-ons:

🎥🕺 New features

  • Multithreaded rendering with BPSRender: use this command line tool to leverage all your CPU cores! Works on all platforms and available as a stand-alone program. ⚠ Only tested on Ubuntu and Windows 10! Known issues: on Windows, you will sometimes need to close Blender instances manually with the task manager if you interrupt the render.

  • Unspeed: remove a speed effect from a video sequence

  • Clear fades: remove fade animation cleanly on selected sequences

  • Deselect strips to the left or right of the time cursor

  • Swap two strips: works across channels and not just to the left or the right of the selected strip, unlike Blender's built-in tool

  • Markers as time codes: write a list of timecodes followed by the markers' names to create quick links in your YouTube video description or comments

  • Match strips to markers: snap selected strips to markers that have a similar name


Existing features got some love as well!

  • Multithreaded proxies now shows a percentage-based progress for each video being rendered
  • Multithreaded proxies: supports calling presets from the command line. More work planned for version 1.2
  • Many small improvements happened to exsting features, e.g. to automatically select strip near the mouse cursor if nothing is selected.

🤕 Fixes

Restored the missing interface code so you can call the contextual Power Sequencer menu again, nd find the power sequencer tab i the and menu. we need help to design the UI: we have a developer who wants to work on it, but we need a UX designer to guide him!

Reply to this issue and that issue if you want to help us wit it 😄

⚠ Experimental

  • Auto align audio and video: this tool for tech-savy people, currently not available in blender
  • Batch transcode videos: transcode selected videos to the same frame rate from blender! Uses FFMPEG. More work planned for version 1.2
  • Trim in and and out points: trim the left or the right of the strip closest to the mouse, using the time cursor. No shortcut assigned by default: you'll have to create shortcut entries manually for power_sequencer.trim_three_point_edit