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Free Godot 3 demos

Here are all the Godot 3 code projects from our tutorials on the GDquest Youtube channel .

Four screenshots of the projects in Godot


  1. Godot 3 tutorials
  2. Godot 3 course (Premium)

GDquest is on Twitter , Facebook and Discord

Available demos

You can find all the Godot 3 demos are in the /2018 folder.

  • Tool mode draw in viewport
  • Camera 2d rig
  • Character scene setup
  • Astar pathfinding
  • Simple sword attack
  • Finite state machine
  • Screen sizes example
  • Game user interface
  • Intro to ui containers
  • Title screen with keyboard and mouse support
  • Grid based movement in 2d

And more to come!

Some projects have both a start and an end version so you can follow along with the tutorials and use the final result as a reference.

Contributors welcome!

If you find bugs, feel free to open an issue and to submit a Pull Request!


These demos were made possible by the 760 generous supporters who backed Make Professional 2D Games with Godot on Kickstarter, and everyone who supports GDquest.