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This project provides IDE integration to Eclipse users when working on protobuf files.

This is a fork of an originally Google-initiated project which has been largely dormant for years and is currently without an official maintainer, albeit the produc t itself has been working reliably for years without any changes. It was forked because it's in active use at GEBIT and some shortcomings regarding missing capabilites have come up.


This forked plugin has now been listed in the Eclipse Marketplace and can thus easily be installed into any Eclipse version (all versions newer than Neon should work):

Preparing a development workspace

Download the Eclipse Installer.

Run it.

If you see a yellow exclamation mark in the top-right, it means the installer is out-of-date. Click on the exclamation mark and then click on the word UPDATE. After the installer finishes updating, it will restart and you can continue with these steps.

Click the menu button in the upper-right corner.

Select "ADVANCED MODE...".

Select "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers".

Select "Neon".

Click Next.

This page is titled "Product". Click the little green "+" near the top-right of the screen.

Paste this link into the box titled "Resource URIs:".

Click OK.

Click the checkbox next to "Protobuf Editor".

Click Next.

In "Target Platform", select "Neon".

Click Finish.

Wait for Eclipse to install, then click Finish to close the wizard. Wait for the build to finish.

Expand releng.

Right-click on GenerateProtobuf.mwe2.launch and run this launch config, which should generate the DSL code.

Building a release

This plugin currently uses the "oldschool" PDE export workflow from an Eclipse IDE, so you can build an update site by exporting the "feature" project as an installable feature. This also means that version numbers must be manually managed in the META-INF files.


The plugin is currently released on GitHub and uses GitHub Releases as an Eclipse updatesite. This is possible by flattening the update site structure with the "" jbang script checked in under /releng/jbang/, which can be given a "normal" updatesite path and which then produces a flattened updatesite without the typical "plugins" and "features" directories. The files in this flattened updatesite can then be released on GitHub and imported into Eclipse as a normal updatesite. These update sites can also be submitted to the Eclipse Marketplace for inclusion into the official plugin directory.


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