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BATM Public Repository

This repository contains Bitcoin ATM related code used in BATMOne, BATMTwo and BATM Server products.

More information about the products can be found here:

All source code is released under GPL2.


Here is the list of functionality that can be extended with extenstions API:

  • Implement support for different cryptocurrency wallets - for more see IWallet interface
  • Implement support for different cryptocurrency exchanges - for more see IExchange interface
  • Implement support for different cryptocurrency rate tickers - for more see IRateSource interface
  • Implement support for different cryptocurrency payment processors - for more see IPaymentProcessor interface


  • server_extensions_api - contains extension api that all extensions use to extend BATM Server's functionality.
  • server_extensions_extra - reference extension implementation that implements BTC, LTC, DOGE, NLG, ICG, NBT, GRS and MAX coin support functionality.
  • server_extensions_test - contains tester for testing the extensions without requirement of having a BATM server

Build information

cd server_extensions_api
cd ..
cd server_extensions_extra
cd ..
cp server_extensions_extra/dist/batm_server_extensions_extra.jar /batm/app/master/extensions/

Note for developers

When you implement support for new crypto-coin add it please to server_extensions_extra this way it will get into default BATM Server installation pack for customers.

After you implement the the extension make sure you test it with Tester which you will find in server_extensions_test

How to run Tester

cd server_extensions_test
cd dist
./ -j ../../server_extensions_extra/dist/batm_server_extensions_extra.jar