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Hello GENI Users / Instructors / Faculty using GENI/ other researchers using GENI,

This email is to inform all GENI users about the ongoing task of a software upgrade of the Instageni Infrastructure in GENI. We currently have 41 Instageni Racks in GENI. Most of them have been running on an old software version that require an upgrade. Unfortunately we are required to delete and rebuild each rack software as a part of this upgrade. Keeping that in mind, we had begun this process with the least impacted racks and have completed them and made available for GENI use. The list of upgraded racks that are available for use are listed at

We have also started to schedule downtime for the other racks. Users will be informed via

and emails on on the status of the upgrades on a weekly basis. In order for us to lock-down a rack for upgrades, we will require users to delete their slices from the racks to be upgraded. Users will be give a 15 day notice before we take down a rack. During the lock-down time, users will not be allowed to create new slices on the concerned rack. They will also not be allowed to renew their slices. If you had slices that were set to expire beyond the stipulated down time, we will modifying its expiry time to the day of the downtime.

User created Disk Images that reside on these racks newer than 1/1/2017 will be backed up and restored once the rack has been rebuilt.

If you have an experiment/slice for which you require additional time to migrate, please let us know at the earliest. We may be able to work around your schedule.

As more racks are upgraded/rebuilt users should have more flexibility to move(or create) their experiments.

NOTE: Experiments once deleted either administratively by us or by you cannot be restored. You as a user are responsible to save the state/setup of your experiment.

You can also use the Geni Monitoring site at to find a suitable Instageni Rack for your use.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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