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geni-tools (formerly known as 'gcf') is a package containing various clients and sample servers of the GENI Aggregate Manager API. Notably, it includes the Stitcher and Omni commandline tools (used by the GENI Portal and GENI Desktop among others), and the GCF sample Aggregate Manager.

GENI is a National Science Foundation funded suite of software and hardware to support "at scale" research and to share resources for experimentation, research and classroom use.

The GENI Aggregate Manager API defines the interface for software that resource owners run to manage access to their resources.

For download and installation instructions, see our wiki.

geni-tools is a community developed package. Please contribute!

For further information on Omni, see the Omni wiki and Omni README.

For further information on the GCF aggregate, also see and the GCF README.

geni-tools is released under the terms of the GENI Public License.