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A test suite for the GENIVI Developer platform
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Test scripts

(see for the old perl tests)

Scripts to enable the automatic acceptance testing of QEMU genivi images.

There are 2 user invocable files and expects a test name to be supplied, currently only a python file (without the .py suffix), see the example files in Tests as an indication of how to derive new ones. The class in each test file should inherit from geniviTest.TestGeniviQemu The test method must have a name with a test_ prefix. More than one test file can be supplied on the command line runs all the tests it finds in Tests as well as a set of tests in

The infrastructure handles booting the QEMU image. It is assumed that the tests are run from the gdp-src-build directory though if you set the QEMU_IMAGE_DIR environment variable you can test on images elsewhere - or ones you have downloaded from the GENIVI download area. The test infrastructure looks for a bzImage file in the appropriate locations and a file system in genivi-dev-platform-qemux86-64.ext4 The image shuts down automatically after all tests have been run.

It is also assumed that the QEMU image is built without a password for logging in as root - build with EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "", if you install sshpass you can test against images with passwords - set the environment variable QEMU_USER_SSHPASS to signal this - the password 'root' is assumed. If you are using QEMU_USER_SSHPASS you may need to run (as suggested when you get a Permission denied (publickey,password). error) ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts -R []:5555 in order to clear known_hosts of any previous build to which you have connected. sshpass cannot use BatchMode so this initial step is necessary.

If you wish to boot the virtual machine with other options - for example it redirects the ssh port to 5555 - examine the preface to

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