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Latest commit 4c7a465 Feb 15, 2017 @chbae chbae committed with zeenix Drop Faytech support
Dropping Faytech monitor supports since they've been known to cause
various problems and therefore make maintenance hard. List of currently
supported peripherals can be found at:

[GDP-546] Drop Faytech support

Signed-off-by: Changhyeok Bae <>

meta-genivi-dev: the Yocto layer for the GENIVI Development Platform

This layer provides a GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) image build. The layer supports cross-architecture application development using QEMU emulation and an SDK.

Please see the
MAINTAINERS file for information on contacting the maintainers of this layer, as well as instructions for submitting patches.

The GENIVI Development Platform project welcomes contributions. You can contribute code, submit patches, report bugs, answer questions on our mailing lists and review and edit our documentation and much more.

Subscribe to the mailing list here. View or Report bugs here. Read or Edit the wiki here. For information about the Yocto Project, see the Yocto Project website.
For information about the Yocto GENIVI Baseline, see the Yocto GENIVI Baseline website. IRC Channel #automotive - Freenode

Building the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)

To build the GDP, GENIVI maintains a git sub-module repo, which supports multiple targets: genivi-dev-platform.git

For example, to generate the build environment for the QEMUx86-64 target:

$ mkdir GDP
$ cd GDP
$ git clone
$ cd genivi-dev-platform
$ source qemux86-64 (check below for currently supported targets)
$ bitbake genivi-dev-platform

If you are reading this as a developer you should be familiar with the instructions on the GDP Master page.

More specific information on build targets, including build steps and deployment instructions for each supported target, check here

Layer Dependency List

URI: git://

  • branch: 11.0
  • revision: 28b25ef27eccc0a800a1cbd3d3ea2c8f8494ca1e


  • branch: krogoth
  • revision: d715f2c1d340fa38f8a9860acc73de5e14a38b75

URI: git://

  • layers: meta-oe, meta-ruby, meta-filesystems
  • branch: krogoth
  • revision: 247b1267bbe95719cd4877d2d3cfbaf2a2f4865a

URI: git://

  • branch: krogoth
  • revision: 12eb72ee3b02f826a156ff4e396c770f2b93571e

URI: git://

  • branch: master
  • revision: f13ac9d48ae928b761d7be204fa8f877d41e7099

URI: git://

  • branch: 1.0.1
  • revision: 69146eaf8bc05c74c377e731b7e16d82854a4659

URI: git://

  • branch: master
  • revision: de9d548fe35e2cee8688faaae910b4f6f7fea17e

URI: git://

  • branch: master
  • revision: 4d7eacc8e6593934ed5b0c8abc3d3e9dc339d849

The Raspberry Pi 2,3 boards depends in addition on:

URI: git://

  • branch: master
  • revision: 4c02c7ce07121c2f5367204445f93199d828bb10

The Renesas R-Car Gen2 Silk & Porter boards depend in addition on:

URI: git://

  • revision: b22c42eb736bef0253667094a457d74b7e630fa3

The Intel Minnowboard MAX depends in addition on:

URI: git://

  • branch: krogoth
  • revision: b8c199201ffe026485a14e1fcfc398e2b3551512

The Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c depends in addition on:

URI: git://

  • branch: krogoth
  • revision: 19ff1853a764ee1014f4e7a295e030b6ddc10612

Supported Machines

We aim to support the builds for these machines:

  • QEMU (x86-64) - machine: qemux86-64
  • Renesas R-Car Gen2 (R-Car M2) - machine: koelsch
  • Renesas R-Car Gen2 (R-Car M2) - machine: porter
  • Renesas R-Car Gen2 (R-Car E2) - machine: silk
  • Intel Minnowboard MAX (x86-64) - machine: minnowboard
  • Raspberry Pi 2 - machine: raspberrypi2
  • Raspberry Pi 3 - machine: raspberrypi3
  • Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c - machine: dragonboard-410c


For the QEMU machine, in order to have audio, the emulation should be done like: (please adjust to your own paths)

$ QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=pa ../../poky/scripts/runqemu ivi-image-demo qemux86-64 audio

For the Fuel Stop Advisor Proof of Concept (FSA PoC), a navigation map must be downloaded. Once booted, issue the following command on the board:

# cd /usr/share/navit/maps/ && wget