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Reference implementation of the GEO Protocol.

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Please, follow the link for releases changelog.

How to build

  1. Ensure requirements: libboost, libsodium23
  2. git clone geo-client
  3. cd geo-client
  4. cmake ./ && make

Client build would be available in ./bin/ as geo_network_client.

How to use

First of all: you do not need to build the client for your own.
Just use our docker image and you are ready to go.

Please, follow the documentation link for the detailed instructions how to run the node.

How to report issues

  1. Please, use GitHub issues of this repo to describe your problem.
  2. If possible, please attach the log of the node, that is usually located in operations.log.
    Please, make sure that the node is runninf in DEBUG mode so more information would be included in final report.