NGScloud provides a user-friendly front-end to operate the EC2 resources, and to control the workflow of non-model species oriented RNA-seq experiment in a modular way. The application allows to optimize the cost-efficiency ratio of RNA-seq experi-ments when appropriate computational facilities are not available.
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NGScloud is a bioinformatic system developed to analyze RNA-seq data using the cloud computing services of Amazon that permit the access to ad hoc computating infrastructure scaled according to the complexity of the experiment, so its costs and times can be optimized. The application provides a user-friendly front-end to operate Amazon's hardware resources, and to control a workflow of RNA-seq analysis oriented to non-model species, incorporating the cluster concept, which allows parallel runs of common RNA-seq analysis programs in several virtual machines for faster analysis.

This software has been developed by:

GI Genética, Fisiología e Historia Forestal
Dpto. Sistemas y Recursos Naturales
ETSI Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Refer to the NGScloud-manual.pdf in the "Package" folder for installation instructions, a description of the software and examples of use.

Also, you can see the paper:

Mora-Márquez F, Vázquez-Poletti JL, López de Heredia U (2018) RNA-seq analysis of non-model species using cloud computing. Bioinformatics.



The software package NGScloud is available for free download from the GitHub software repository ( under GNU General Public License v3.0.

The usage of the services of Amazon Web Services, such as the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Elastic Block Store (EBS) that uses NGScloud, entails expenses. You can inform yourself on the Amazon website: htpps:// The NGScloud development team does not assume any responsibility or liability for the expenses derived from the utilization of the services provided by Amazon Web Services by the NGScloud users.