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Cortex is a simple application to keep track and browse through reddit article lists where one would usually need to open a web browser and possibly use a mouse to navigate.

Since rss readers can get cluttered and are not the same as the actual reddit homepage, cortex will allow you to stop refreshing the reddit page all the time while sticking to the same paradigm as the usual reddit frontpage would.

Configuring cortex to display your personal frontpage and monitor your unread messages is easy, just create a file called ~/.cortex/config, retrieve your personal reddit json links (Located in Preferences -> RSS feeds) and put them in the config. It will look something like this:


Of course you can also just keep cortex as it is and browse the global reddit frontpage as usual. See the cortex(1) manpage for more information about the syntax and keybindings.


Cortex is licensed as free software under the MIT/X11 license. See LICENSE for the full license text.


Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3