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def clear_edges(E, V):
to_remove = []
for i, e in enumerate(E):
if e[0] in V and e[1] in V:
# we now have to_remove which is a list of edges indexes to remove
for i in to_remove:
N, M = map(int, input().strip().split(' '))
nodes = [x for x in range(1, N+1)]
edges = []
for _ in range(M):
x, y, r = map(int, input().strip().split(' '))
if y < x:
temp = y
y = x
x = temp
edges.append([x, y, r])
vertices = [0, int(input().strip())]
weight = 0
while len(nodes) > 0:
test = [edge for edge in edges if edge[0] in vertices or edge[1] in vertices]
test.sort(key=lambda x: x[2])
weight += test[0][2]
if test[0][0] in nodes: nodes.remove(test[0][0])
if test[0][1] in nodes: nodes.remove(test[0][1])
if test[0][0] not in vertices: vertices.append(test[0][0])
if test[0][1] not in vertices: vertices.append(test[0][1])
clear_edges(edges, vertices)