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== 7.2 (in-development) ==
* Fixed automated downloading of minecraft_server.jar.
* Update for Minecraft Beta 1.3 (Thanks andrewdski)
* Attempt !idbehold fix (Thanks andrewdski)
* Other bug fixes
== 7.1 ==
* Add automated downloading of minecraft_server.jar.
* Workaround 5 second timer in minecraft_server.jar by cycling through the
entire address space. If you are running Windows XP SP2, you
may need to install this patch from Microsoft.
The workaround will not work correctly on OSX, but the wrapper will
function as before.
* Fix mod integration when useSlashes=true
* Other bug fixes
== 7.0 ==
* Updated to work with version 1.2
* Changed iddqd to idbehold and added new iddqd that provides pvp protection
* Fixed chest locking bugs
* Removed item watchlist (inventory is server-side now)
* Added in-game command help (eg. !help iddqd)
* Merged kit and kits commands
* Changed tp to teleport (both will work but command-list will need an update)
* Fixed !local
* Added !tell to talk directly with another player
* Added !time to get the real-world time on the server
* Added !gps command to get player coordinates
* Command aliases are defined in command-list.txt now
* Added "reserved slot" type functionality. When someone joins a full server,
if there is a player of a lower group on the server, the player with the
lowest group and the least time connected is kicked to make room.
* Other bugfixes
== RC 6.9.9 ==
* Huge internal refactoring. There is a lot of debug output right now.
* Updated packets for Beta.
* Added alias list for the !give and !giveplayer commands (thanks teraquendya!)
* Added connection log
== RC 6.6.6 ==
* Initial Open Source release!
* Changed to make backups worldedit compatible (hopefully).
== RC 6.6 ==
* Added new packets required for server version 2.7
== RC 6.5.1 ==
* Added a Thread.yield() to the loop for server backups.
* Added javaArguments hidden option.
== RC 6.5 ==
* Buggy SourceRCON implementation. Set rconPort and rconPassword to use. Remove
* the password to disable rcon.
* Say "help" once connected. It's really buggy! Can't guarantee it will be
* useful (yet).
* Created file.
* Updated for 0.2.5 minecraft server.
* Some performance-related changes.
* Other stuff I forgot about?
== RC 6.4 ==
* Changed the internal storage of Player objects to a Static Factory design
pattern. This should help with memory usage.
* Added packets for 0.2.4 minecraft_server.jar update.
* Fixed (?) !ban cutting off the first letter of the reason.
== RC 6.3 ==
* It is a mystery!
== RC 6.2 ==
* Added a setting "guestsCanViewComplex"
Default value is false, which means guest users (group=-1) cannot view signs
or chests.
* Made compatible for minecraft_server.jar version 0.2.2
== RC 6.1.1 ==
* Changed guest mode: Guests are now able to see signs, but are also able to
look into and change items inside unlocked chests.
== RC 6.1 ==
* Added useSMPAPI to to tell SimpleServer to pass
unrecognized commands and other useful commands to the SMP API. Set to true
if you are using the WarpMod
* Added SSWarpMod.jar to the package. This is used in conjunction with SMP API.
Setup instructions are above.
* Fixed some failure detection issues related to minecraft exceptions.
* Fixed the saveLock to only unlock after a full save has been completed.
* Fixed autoBackup/!backup to not try to operate on tmp_chunk.dat
== RC 6.0.6 ==
* Removed some debug code that was printing to the server console.
* Modified the autoSave routine to more safely release the server lock.
== RC 6.0.5 ==
* Fixed an issue where backups/log files were not saving with the correct
* Fixed an issue where !home did nothing. !home now corresponds to /home
* Fixed an issue where unknown commands that start with ! were sent to chat.
== RC 6.0.4 ==
* Fixed an issue with chests where a line of blocks where a locked chest was
would be indestructible.
* Fixed an issue with !tp where it would not correctly use prefixed players
== RC 6.0.3 ==
* Added useMsgFormats boolean to Enables/disables
SimpleServer message formatting.
* Added msgFormat and msgTitleFormat which sets the string format for player
messages that have no title, and a user title, respectively.
%1$s = Username
%2$s = Group Title
%3$s = Group Color
* Changes backup routine so it copies files into /tmp instead of /backups.
Backup ZIP files are still copied into /backups.
* Fixed issue with chat messages not appearing on vanilla minecraft_server.jar
== RC 6.0 ==
* Added ItemWatchList: Bans players who reach a certain threshold amount of an
item id.
* Added AdminLog: Logs many admin and server actions.
* Fixed a problem where incorrect arguments to commands like !give would
disconnect the user from the server.
* Fixed a bug where -1 was interpreted as [Null,-1] in Group Notation.
* Config files moved to simpleserver folder. First startup of the server will
automatically move the files for you
* Generalized Server and Client tunnels to be more efficient and safer.
* Ranks have been changed to groups.
* IP based member list added (for onlineMode=false).
* Server restart refactored to solve most issues and be safer.
* Improved memory usage slightly (more improvements to come in the future).
* Added a monitor thread to watch for unexpected closes of minecraft_server.jar.
* Added exitOnFailure into that exits SimpleServer.jar
if the minecraft process is unreachable/unrecoverable.
* Added Local Chat (!local) and localChatRadius to
* Moved command permissions to command-list.txt.
* Added !mute and !unmute commands.
* Added !iddqd for admins to quickly destroy blocks (for griefer cleanup).
* Added c10t Integration to
c10tArgs=/path/to/c10t/executable -arg0 -arg1 -arg2 -arg3
Blanking c10tArgs will disable this feature until application is restarted.
(Tip: This can be used for any mapping program that exits on completion and
uses commandline.)
* Added locked chests. Players are currently only able to create a single
locked chest using !lock.
* Added alternateJar to to load some other jar rather
than minecraft_server.jar
* Added -Xmx256m -Xms32m args to and launch.bat.
* Fixed an issue where if memory in was <1024, the
server would not launch correctly.
* Added useSlashes in for using /commands instead of
!commands. ---Experimental Feature---
* Added robot detection (Detects IP addresses who connect without attempting to
login) which trims console spam.
* Added automatic IP Bans to players who attempt to connect more than 30 times
in 60 seconds (will be configurable).
* Many more changes that I can't remember. :P
== RC 5.5 ==
* Fixed more issues that would result in End of Stream errors. (Should all be
gone now)
* !save and !reload now save and reload settings
* Automatic Restart, Backup, and Save will activate/deactivate if settings are
* Added "Save Complete" message to when saves complete.
* Server shutdowns and restarts send messages to clients
* Fixed issue with !kick and !ban disconnecting the admin/mod
* SimpleServer will now wait until the minecraft server process ends before
shutting down.
* Guests (Rank -1) can no longer take items out of chests, put items into
chests, or drop items. This feature may still be buggy!
* Recompiled for JRE1.5 compatibility on Mac OS X
Send support queries to SUBJECT: [SimpleServer] MAC OS X
== RC 5.2 ==
* Fixed issue with End of Stream errors.
== RC 5.0 ==
* Updated to work with latest Minecraft Server 0.2.0
* autoRestart and autoRestartMins added to
* !restart command added to console and admins
* defaultRank added to
* Ranks below 0 cannot place or destroy blocks
* Modified editor so that it does not delete the old file.
Instead, it simply overwrites required settings.
* Fixed whitelist
* Fixed client->server tunnel for some situations when the buffer contained
over 1024 bytes
* !kick and !ban now allow messages
== RC 4.0 ==
* Server->Client communication is now parsed. This makes packet injection
safer, without a noticible performance decrease.
* Server message injection now more safe.
* Updated code to properly close streams and sockets.
* Added message for when sockets are closed.
* Server now ends threads correctly.
* Shutdown Hook is now safely closing threads
* autoBackupTime and autoSaveTime properties renamed to autoBackupMins and
autoSaveMins respectively.
* Removed "debug" argument for launch.
* Added hidden "debug" properties to Set debug=true to
show exceptions and enable dumping.
* Backup thread correctly ends streams.
* Fixed bugs in client->server communication that would give some users an "End
of Stream" error.
== RC 3.0 ==
* Server now injects messages to users, instead of wrapping around "tell"
* Attempted fix to "End of Stream" errors
* Added EOFException dump class. Files will begin with "dump_"
* Added message to !kick and !ban
* Added save-all before backup is run
* MOTD is now multi-line
* Added onlineMode property to
* Added a check and message for internalPort and port settings, for when they
are the same.
* Added "debug" argument to launch. Will show all exceptions from connections.
java -jar SimpleServer.jar debug
== RC 2.1 ==
* Fixed a small bug with heap sizes >1GB
== RC 2.0 ==
* Whitelisting
* !giveplayer
* Unban Commands
* Console backup command
* !motd now "tell"s rather than "say"s
* Server will no longer do an automatic backup if the server has been empty the
entire period between backups
* Various other small fixes?