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A better print_r.
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What is printR?

printR is THE better print_r. How often do you need to know what the contents of a specific variable are? Right: often. Unfortunately PHP's print_r displays it's content only readable when you view the source code in your browser. It also is not styled so that it get's confusing the more content a variable has. printR solves all these problems. You can even disable it so that you don't need to remove every single call if you need it often.


Just copy the file to where you want to use it. Include it via

include 'printR.class.php'; (or printR.compact.php if you need printR())

and you are ready to go.


Use printR just as you would use print_r(). You can pass any type of variable into it. Remember: Call

echo printR::styles();

once before you use it. Is is necessary for printR's design.


printR::show($variable) -- Better print_r.

printR::disable() -- Disable output of printR-Functions.

printR::enable() -- Enable output of printR-Functions.

printR::styles() -- Returns printR's stylesheet. Use echo for displaying it.

printR::$parseJSON -- Set to false to prevent automatical parsing of JSON. (default = true)

printR::is_assoc($array) -- Returns true if passed array is associative.


If you need to call printR very fast, just call printR($var). It will automatically include the styles and display the contens of the passed variable. (Only available if you use printR.compact.php) ;)


Copyright (c) 2013 You can use it in whatever way you want. You are free to make modifications. Distributing modifications anywhere or the original on sites other than,, and bluefirex' GitHub and BitBucket is prohibited.

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