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Official PushNotifier SDK for PHP
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PushNotifier (v2) for PHP

A pretty convenient library to use PushNotifier in PHP projects.


Add this to composer.json:

"require": {
	"gidix/pushnotifier-php": "^2.0.0"

...or run composer require gidix/pushnotifier-php


You only have to use one class: GIDIX\PushNotifier\SDK\PushNotifier. Everything is derived from there.

Creating your Application

Before you can actually do anything, you have to create your application. It consists of an API Token and a package name. Both can be configured at

Then you can create your instance:

    $app = new GIDIX\PushNotifier\SDK\PushNotifier([
        'api_token'     =>  'YOUR_API_TOKEN',
        'package'       =>  'YOUR.PACKAGE.NAME'


When authenticating as a user you have to log them in, then use their AppToken for all further communication:

    $appToken = $app->login('username', 'password');

You can store $appToken anywhere you like by converting it to a string before storing (see examples/storing-app-token.php).

Afterwards you can use the AppToken to authenticate:

    $app = new GIDIX\PushNotifier\SDK\PushNotifier([
        'api_token'     =>  'YOUR_API_TOKEN',
        'package'       =>  'YOUR.PACKAGE.NAME',
        'app_token'     =>  $appToken

Retrieving Devices

    $devices = $app->getDevices();

will retrieve an array of GIDIX\PushNotifier\SDK\Device objects, containing an ID, a title, a model and a link to an image of the device. Device IDs do not change over time and serve as a unique identifier.

Sending Texts

    $result = $app->sendMessage($devices, 'Some Content');

$devices has to be an array of either Device objecs or device ID strings, i.e. ['abc', 'xyz'].

Sending URLs

    $result = $app->sendURL($devices, '');

$devices has to be an array of either Device objecs or device ID strings, i.e. ['abc', 'xyz'].

Sending Notifications

    $result = $app->sendNotification($devices, 'Some Content',');


  • DeviceNotFoundException: When a device couldn't be found
  • InvalidAPITokenException: When the api_token or package couldn't be verified
  • InvalidAppTokenException: When the AppToken couldn't be verified or has expired
  • InvalidCredentialsException: When login credentials were incorrect
  • InvalidRequestException: When some request data was malformatted, i.e. malformatted URL for notifications
  • PushNotifierException: Base Exception for all these, only thrown in case of an unknown error (500)

$devices has to be an array of either Device objecs or device ID strings, i.e. ['abc', 'xyz'].


Examples can be found in examples/ of this repository.

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