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Node.js SDK for the GIN Platform API
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GIN Platform API Node.js SDK

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The package is available in the npm registry:

npm install gin-platform-node-sdk --save

ES6 module system usage:

import { Sdk } from 'gin-platform-node-sdk'

const sdk = new Sdk()
const apiKey = '...secret...'
const client = sdk.getClient(apiKey)

await client.blockchains.list() //get blockchains list
await client.blockchains.get('gincoin') //get the gincoin blockchain

await client.nodes.list() //get all my nodes
await client.nodes.get('replace-with-node-id') //get all my nodes
await client.nodes.create({ blockchain: 'gincoin', collateral: 1000, txid: 'tx-id-here', dedicated: true }) //create a node
await client.nodes.update('replace-with-node-id', { meta: { key1: 'value1' } }) //update a node
await client.nodes.delete('replace-with-node-id') //delete a node

await client.user.get() //get current user's details
await client.user.transactions() //get current user's billing transactions

ES5 module system usage:

const Sdk = require('gin-platform-node-sdk').Sdk;
const sdk = new Sdk();



  • Node.js >= 8
  • Babel
  • Mocha
npm install -g mocha babel-cli


git clone
cd Node-SDK
npm install
npm test

Build NPM package:

npm run build #the distribution should be produced in the /dist directory
npm run distrib #will upload the contents of /dist to the npm registry
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