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Statistical test

GINAR is a blockchain technology company specializing in providing a decentralized random number generator. Random Number Generation, or RNG, is a key component to applications that benefit from true randomness. GINAR is set to release a best-in-class decentralized.

  • Random Number Generator (dRNG) that will change the financial, gambling, online gaming, and IOT industry by providing the fastest, most secure and easily verifiable service, ..

  • For more detail about GINAR: Read our white-paper ->

This is implementation of NIST's statistical test suite for Random Number Generator (RNG) that apply to GINAR RNG

NIST SP 800-22 Statistical Test Suite

Generators suitable for use in cryptographic applications may need to meet stronger requirements than for other applications. In particular, their outputs must be unpredictable in the absence of knowledge of the inputs. Some criteria for characterizing and selecting appropriate generators are discussed in this document. The subject of statistical testing and its relation to cryptanalysis is also discussed, and some recommended statistical tests are provided. These tests may be useful as a first step in determining whether or not a generator is suitable for a particular cryptographic application. However, no set of statistical tests can absolutely certify a generator as appropriate for usage in a particular application, i.e., statistical testing cannot serve as a substitute for cryptanalysis. The design and cryptanalysis of generators is outside the scope of this paper.

NIST SP 800-22 Statistical Test Suite


GINAR Random test requires Python 2.7 to run. First, you need to clone our repository and install some packages:

$ git clone
$ pip install requests
$ pip install numpy
$ pip install matplotlib

Get data for random test

You need a dataset of random number for the test. We have built a function that help you get data from GINAR:

  • Login your account GINAR
  • Initialize your session key
  • Copy the init-session-key link (url)

(More detail, please visit our documentation website)

This test suite requires 8000 numbers as minimum. We recommend using 2000000 numbers.

Run the test

$ cd randomness-tests
$ python

Output and visualization

The output of this test store in results folder. results folder contains some csv and png files that is the ouput and column chart of every single test.

Sample of csv:

n chi_sq p-value success
256 3.875 0.868221541877252 True
256 4.75 0.783931686247815 True
256 5.5 0.703039994468557 True
256 24.25 0.002080662493339 False
256 5 0.757576133133066 True
256 6.125 0.633232282721816 True
256 9.375 0.311655310694243 True
256 7.75 0.458264157653297 True
256 10.25 0.247915841547624 True

Sample of png:


Read test_report for more detail of Test Suite


NIST's statistical test suite for Random Number Generator (RNG) that apply to GINAR RNG



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